Blackberry Lane Farm

Homemade balsam wreaths from Maine for the holiday season
Gift packages include homemade blueberry jam and a bar of homemade balsam soap.
Blackberry Lane Farm
44 Blackberry Lane
Harrington, ME 04643

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Located in a small coastal community on the Harrington River, Blackberry Lane Farm is always alive with activity. The gardens, animals, and children guarantee that! Autumn, however, is a particularly busy time with the approach of the holiday season.
Established in 1983, Blackberry Lane Farm's business has continued to grow. We help to ensure that each wreath we sell is of the highest quality by carefully selecting and paying premium prices to our balsam pickers and wreath makers. We prepare all the wreath decorations, decorate and box them ourselves. It is a true home-based family business that we all enjoy. Our real satisfaction comes from pleasing our customers - so if you have any questions or special request, please feel free to call.

Telephone:   (207) 812-2309
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